Case Studies Theory Test

You are a newly qualified tanker driver and you have only recently passed your LGV theory test.
You are keen to try to relate what you have learned in your theory to everyday road situations that you encounter while you are driving.
The vehicle you are driving today does not have ABS and your route takes you on a mix of muddy farm tracks, country roads and town roads.
You use a satellite navigation device to help you find your way.

There are 6 questions in this CPC case studies theory test. Read the scenario carefully and ensure you understand it fully. You need to score at least 5 out of 6 to pass. Good luck!

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Correct Answer: B Loose gravel, C Mud
A The engine has stalled
B The power steering has failed
C The road wheels have stopped rotating
D You have lost power
Correct Answer: C The road wheels have stopped rotating
A Continue to apply firm pressure to the brake pedal
B Pump the brake several times per second
C Quickly change to a lower gear
D Stop braking completely
Correct Answer: B Pump the brake several times per second
A Following satellite navigation directions
B Lighting cigarettes
C Listening to the radio
D Mobile phones
Correct Answer: B Lighting cigarettes, D Mobile phones
A Bulk powders
B Liquid
C Liquid cement
D Parcels
Correct Answer: A Bulk powders, B Liquid