Life in the UK Test 20

This Life in the UK Test mock contains 24 multiple choice questions. You have 45 minutes to compelte the test. You need to score 18 out of 24 to pass. You may check your answers by clicking the "Check Answer" button or you may wait until the end of the test for your final score. Good luck!

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A 1066
B 1077
C 1088
D 1099
Correct Answer: A 1066
A William Will Do It
B William of the West
C William the Conqueror
D William the Great One
Correct Answer: C William the Conqueror
A After the Norman Conquest
B Before the Norman Conquest
C The Iron Age
D The Roman Empire
Correct Answer: A After the Norman Conquest
A France
B Germany
C Holland
D Italy
Correct Answer: D Italy
A He united France with England
B He united Ireland with England
C He united Scotland with England
D He united Wales with England
Correct Answer: D He united Wales with England
Correct Answer: B Isaac Newton
A Bath University
B Cambridge University
C Oxford University
D Sheffield University
Correct Answer: B Cambridge University
A Freedom of banking
B Freedom of movement
C Freedom of press
D Freedom of speech
Correct Answer: C Freedom of press
A Better than the modern day
B Extremely pleasant
C Mostly unknown
D Very poor
Correct Answer: D Very poor
A Spain and Belgium
B Turkey and France
Correct Answer: B Turkey and France
A Peace in Northern Ireland
B The coal and shipping industries
Correct Answer: A Peace in Northern Ireland
Correct Answer: A Gaelic
A Asian
B Black
C Mixed descent
D White
Correct Answer: D White
A Cake
B Pancakes
C Roast dinner
D Toasties
Correct Answer: B Pancakes
A Four times
B Once
C Three times
D Twice
Correct Answer: C Three times
Correct Answer: C 18
A At least every 4 years
B At least every 5 years
C At least every 6 years
D At least every 7 years
Correct Answer: B At least every 5 years
A Fake Ministers
B Future Ministers
C Shadow Ministers
D Untapped Ministers
Correct Answer: C Shadow Ministers
A Deliver public services
B Implement government policies
C Work for free
D Work for ministers
Correct Answer: C Work for free
B The Council of Europe
C The EU
D The UN
Correct Answer: C The EU
Correct Answer: D The High Court
A Earning money
B Improving your CV (curriculum vitae)
C Improving your community
D Practising your English skills
Correct Answer: A Earning money