Life in the UK Test 8

This Life in the UK Test mock contains 24 multiple choice questions. You have 45 minutes to compelte the test. You need to score 18 out of 24 to pass. You may check your answers by clicking the "Check Answer" button or you may wait until the end of the test for your final score. Good luck!

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A Buildings
B English food
C Laws
D Roads
Correct Answer: B English food
A Holy Grail
B Magna Carta
C The Constitution
D The Privacy Law
Correct Answer: B Magna Carta
Correct Answer: C The Reformation
Correct Answer: B True.
8. Who was Robert Burns? Mark one answer
A A famed criminal
B A famous Scottish King
C A famous Scottish poet
D The first Scottish footballer
Correct Answer: C A famous Scottish poet
A The Great Depression
B The Middle War
C The Potato Famine
D The Spanish Flu
Correct Answer: A The Great Depression
A Ministers and Elders
B The Archbishop of Canterbury
C The Monarchy
D The Prime Minister
Correct Answer: A Ministers and Elders
A 1944
B 1955
C 1966
D 1977
Correct Answer: C 1966
A Queens
B The Country Choir Club
C The Proms
D The Six Nations
Correct Answer: C The Proms
A Coronation Street
B Home and Away
C Neighbours
D The Chase
Correct Answer: A Coronation Street
Correct Answer: A False.
A The Monarchy
B The Prime Minister
C The Speaker
D The public
Correct Answer: B The Prime Minister
Correct Answer: A False.
Explanation: Civil servants are neutral politically.
A 28
B 29
C 33
D 34
Correct Answer: C 33
Correct Answer: B True.
A At polling stations
B At the Town Hall
C Via a letter to Parliament
D Via smartphone
Correct Answer: A At polling stations
A Delivering takeaway for Uber Eats
B Joining a litter pick-up
C Mentoring/coaching young people
D Working at a pet rescue place
Correct Answer: A Delivering takeaway for Uber Eats