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A A loose connection
B An over tight cord grip
C An oversized cartridge fuse
D Reversed polarity
Correct Answer: A A loose connection
Correct Answer: B BS 7671
Correct Answer: A 10A
4. 1Ω is equal to: Mark one answer
A 10 mΩ
B 10,000 mΩ
C 100 mΩ
D 1000 mΩ
Correct Answer: D 1000 mΩ
Correct Answer: C I and II
A Inspection and test
B Labelling of equipment
C Testing only
D User checks
Correct Answer: D User checks
A Earth continuity test results
B Equipment purchase invoice
C Equipment register
D Equipment stock check list
Correct Answer: C Equipment register
A Electricity at Work Regulations
B IEE Guidance Note on inspection and testing
C IEE wiring Regulations
D Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
Correct Answer: A Electricity at Work Regulations
A Calibrated regularly
B Checked for lead length regularly
C Kept in a locked secure place
D Upgraded every few years
Correct Answer: A Calibrated regularly
A 1974
B 1989
C 1999
D 2004
Correct Answer: B 1989
A Inspection review
B Production testing
C Type testing
D Visual inspection
Correct Answer: D Visual inspection
A 20 to 100 mA
B 20 to 200 mA
C 4 to 100 mA
D 4 to 24 mA
Correct Answer: B 20 to 200 mA
A 12 metres
B 14 metres
C 15 metres
D 18 metres
Correct Answer: C 15 metres
A All users
B Competent persons and other users
C Competent persons only
D The manufacturers representative
Correct Answer: C Competent persons only
A A clamp ammeter (tong tester)
B A dedicated portable appliance test instrument
C A mains voltage tester
D An insulation/continuity tester
Correct Answer: D An insulation/continuity tester
A Dielectric strength testing
B Earth continuity testing
C Functional testing
D Insulation resistance testing
Correct Answer: A Dielectric strength testing
A 12 metres
B 15 metres
C 25 metres
D 35 metres
Correct Answer: C 25 metres
A 30 mA RCD
B Double insulated sheath
C Screened cover
D Type B mcb
Correct Answer: A 30 mA RCD
Correct Answer: B 0.5mm²
A 10 to 100 mA
B 10 to 200 mA
C 10 to 25 A
D 20 to 200 mA
Correct Answer: D 20 to 200 mA
A Earth continuity
B Earth leakage
C Insulation resistance
D Polarity
Correct Answer: A Earth continuity
Correct Answer: C Extraneous conductive part
Correct Answer: A 0.25 mA
A Have a warning label attached
B Have a warning label fixed adjacent to the equipment primary power connection
C Have an internal protective not less than 0.5 mm²
D Have an internal protective not less than 0.75 mm²
Correct Answer: B Have a warning label fixed adjacent to the equipment primary power connection
Correct Answer: C 3A
A 0.5 megohm
B 1.0 megohm
C 2.0 megohm
D 5.0 megohm
Correct Answer: C 2.0 megohm
A Before use
B Daily
C Monthly
D Weekly
Correct Answer: A Before use
A Class 0 Equipment
B Class I Equipment
C Class II Equipment
D Class III Equipment
Correct Answer: D Class III Equipment