Theory Test Case Study 3

You're driving behind a cyclist. The road has potholes and cracks. Further ahead, there's a roundabout. A horse rider is approaching it in the left-hand lane. In a built-up area with street lights, you see a school sign with a flashing amber signal. There are no speed-limit signs. Later, you stop at a pedestrian crossing where the lights are red. The person crossing carries a red-banded white stick and has a guide dog wearing a red-and-white checked harness.

You have 10 minutes to answer 5 multiple choice questions based on the case study above. Read this carefully and make sure you understand the scenario before starting the test. You need to score 4 out of 5 to pass.

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A Speed up
B Swerve
C Turn left
D Turn round
Correct Answer: B Swerve
A Go in any direction
B Make a left-hand turn
C Make a right-hand turn
D Proceed straight on
Correct Answer: A Go in any direction
A Children may be crossing the road
B Children may be playing in the road
C Parents may be standing in the road
D Vehicles may be turning in the road
Correct Answer: A Children may be crossing the road
A 10 mph
B 20 mph
C 30 mph
D 40 mph
Correct Answer: C 30 mph
A They're blind and mute
B They're deaf and blind
C They're partially blind
D They're partially deaf
Correct Answer: B They're deaf and blind