Theory Test Case Study 8

You're driving through an area where there are many pedestrians. There's a turning ahead with a red-bordered round sign, showing a car with a motorcycle above it. Outside town, the single carriageway road has double unbroken white centre lines. You see several signs with brown backgrounds. You approach a traffic light that's showing green. The signal changes just before you reach it.

You have 10 minutes to answer 5 multiple choice questions based on the case study above. Read this carefully and make sure you understand the scenario before starting the test. You need to score 4 out of 5 to pass.

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A No large vehicles
B No motor vehicles
C No through road
D No vehicle parking
Correct Answer: B No motor vehicles
A No parking
B No reversing
C No speeding
D No turning
Correct Answer: A No parking
A 40 mph
B 50 mph
C 60 mph
D 70 mph
Correct Answer: C 60 mph
A Cyclist information
B Safety information
C Tourist information
D Weather information
Correct Answer: C Tourist information
A A red light on its own
B An amber light on its own
C Green and amber together
D Red and amber together
Correct Answer: B An amber light on its own