Theory Test Case Study

You have a short but essential journey to make. It's early morning and the roads are icy in places. It's very cold and snow is falling. Your tyres are making almost no sound. On turning left, the back of your vehicle slides a little to the right. Further on, there's a slow-moving vehicle spreading salt on the road.

You have 10 minutes to answer 5 questions based on the theory test case study above. Read and understand the scenario before starting the test. You need 4 out of 5 to pass.

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A Allow more time
B Fill your fuel tank
C Put down your sun visor
D Reduce your tyre pressure
Correct Answer: A Allow more time
A Gently and quickly
B Gently and slowly
C Quickly and heavily
D Slowly and heavily
Correct Answer: B Gently and slowly
A The road could be icy
B The road surface is worn
C There could be grit
D There's new tarmac
Correct Answer: A The road could be icy
A Steer firmly to full left lock
B Steer firmly to full right lock
C Steer gently to the left
D Steer gently to the right
Correct Answer: D Steer gently to the right
A Amber
B Blue
C Green
D White
Correct Answer: A Amber