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A Give way at the roundabout
B The roundabout is 100 yards ahead
C The roundabout is 50 yards ahead
D There are chevrons on the roundabout
Correct Answer: B The roundabout is 100 yards ahead
Explanation: As you approach a roundabout or a junction, you'll often see signs displaying white bars. These are called countdown markers and they tell you how far it is to the junction. Each bar represents 100 yards, so
  • three white bars represent 300 yards
  • two white bars represent 200 yards
  • one white bar represents 100 yards
The background colour will depend on what kind of road you're driving along. For example, it's blue for motorways and green for primary routes.
A Manoeuvre, mirrors, signal
B Manoeuvre, signal, mirrors
C Mirrors, signal, manoeuvre
D Signal, mirrors, manoeuvre
Correct Answer: C Mirrors, signal, manoeuvre
Explanation: Before you change lanes, you should think about how your action will affect other drivers.
Use your mirrors to check what's behind you, as well as keeping an eye on what's ahead of you. Give a signal to let other road users know the direction you intend to move in. And, when it's safe, you can change lanes.
A Either the left lane or middle lane
B Either the middle lane or right lane
C Only the left lane
D Only the middle lane
Correct Answer: A Either the left lane or middle lane
Explanation: As you approach a large or complex roundabout, you'll see a sign telling you the layout of the roundabout and route directions. Use this to choose the lane you need.
If there are multiple lanes, there'll often be route numbers marked on the road to help you select the right lane.
Get into the lane you need in plenty of time. Don't straddle lanes and avoid changing lanes at the last moment.