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There are 3 questions in this theory test video questions test. Watch the scenario played on video clip prior to starting the test. You must score 2 out of 3 to pass the test.

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A In case the pedestrian wants to get on the bus
B The bus needs extra room to get around the roundabout
C The sign on the roundabout is directing traffic to 'keep left'
D To get a better view of the roundabout
Correct Answer: B The bus needs extra room to get around the roundabout
Explanation: A long vehicle at a roundabout may need to use the left-hand lane, even if it's signalling to go right. This is because it needs extra room to travel around a roundabout. For the same reason, it may also straddle lanes.
Watch out for a long vehicle's signals and allow it plenty of room on a roundabout.
A Cyclists may keep to the left for safety
B It's easier to give arm signals while you're on the left
C The cyclist is riding into a one-way street
D To avoid being dazzled by the sun
Correct Answer: A Cyclists may keep to the left for safety
Explanation: Roundabouts can be dangerous places for cyclists. To stay safe, they may keep to the outside of a roundabout. They may cycle in the left lane, even if they intend to turn right.
Watch out for a cyclist's arm signals, as they'll tell you the direction they intend to take. Always give cyclists plenty of room.
A No waiting
B Pedestrians shouldn't cross where there are yellow lines
C They are rumble strips
D They mark the edge of the road
Correct Answer: A No waiting
Explanation: A double yellow line at the edge of the road means no waiting at any time.
This means that you can't wait or park. However, you may stop on double yellow lines to drop off or pick up people. You may also stop to load or unload, provided there are no loading restrictions.